Tyee Mountain Ski Trails

Telkwa, BC, Canada

Welcome to Tyee Mountain Trails

Check here for regular updates on the trail conditions.

GENERAL TRAIL INFORMATION (Trail grooming updates further down)

TRAPLINE TRAIL EAST CLOSED: Please note that Trapline Trail East is closed to trail users at this time due to logging activity. It is still ok to use Pink Floyd Alley and loop around to Clear Cut Loop, but the rest of Trapline East is closed until further notice. Access to the trails from the Banner Mountain Lodge side is closed.

WINTER MAINTENANCE: We try to get out and pack the trails about once a week. We don’t tend to set a “slot” ski track anymore – rather we will just drag an attachment that makes the trail wide and flat. Some of the trails in this network tend to be a little more challenging than other places, so a flat track is sometimes preferred. Snowshoers were discouraged on the ski trail when the slot track was being set but since this is no longer the case, snowshoers are welcome on all trails.

There are some new trails up here – the Victor Lake trails, which Stan Ginther and Leon Shelley created for public use on their property. Access to these trails is up the main access road from Hislop, about 1.5 km in. There is a small parking lot just past their driveway, and another at the bottom of the CBC tower road, which are nearest to these trails. There’s a new trail that connects Sawmill Trail and Trapline Trail East – it takes off from Sawmill Trail near McDowell Lake (Pink Floyd Alley). There’s also a new trail that connects from Hidden Lake over to Sawmill trail (Hidden Lake Connector) that was just built this past fall.

Stan Ginther and Geoff Clarke are contributing to trail grooming, and we’re thankful for their help. Stan grooms the Victor Lake trails as well as Sawmill trail, Route 66, Pink Floyd Alley and Trapline Trail West. Geoff is taking care of the trapline east trail, grooming it as well as putting in a ski track on one side; that’s the only place that’s been getting the ‘slot’ tracks.

We don’t groom the Hale Bop and Baboon Blvd trails – they are too narrow through the woods for our groomer and snow machine, they just get packed on foot.

The Trapline Trails have historically been used as part of a trapline, and in the last few years signs are posted at the beginning of trapline east to let people know that there may be active traps along those two trails. So far this year there has been no trapline activity on the trails this year. We will post information on the trails and here if there is any trapline activity occurring.

A note about access on the Hislop side: There is a parking lot at the top of Hislop Road. From there you can walk up to the beginning of the Little Onion trail, or ski up the Soby’s driveway as an easier option (which connects to the Little Onion trail further on). It is also possible to walk up the main access road to the second driveway on the left (there is a large slingshot shaped tree here) and ski on the road from there. A third option is to drive up this main access road (4WD only) and use one of several pullouts after the ‘slingshot tree’ driveway. **Note: the Little Onion trail is more suitable for snowshoeing – several steep and narrow sections. We don’t groom the Little Onion trail and it’s a bit hard to find; better to use the Soby driveway if coming into the trails from that direction. Sometimes it gets packed by snowshoers however.

Donations are now accepted on this website to go towards trail maintenance; please scroll to the end of this page for information. There are also donation boxes in three places on the trails (Hislop access side) if you like to make a contribution that way.

Please contact us if you have any questions – (250) 877-3495.

Trail Condition Updates Winter 2022/2023

December 1, 2022: The Victor Lake trails, Sawmill, Route 66, Trapline West and Pink Floyd Alley have all been groomed a few days ago. The access road in from Hislop has been ploughed. More trail grooming to take place in a few days on trails that haven’t been done yet, check here for updates.

December 8, 2022: Grooming done around McDowell Lake, and Beaver Swamp Trail packed with the snowmachine. Clear Cut Loop packed with the snowmobile.

December 12, 2022: Victor Lake trails, Sawmill, Route 66, Trapline West and Pink Floyd Alley groomed.

December 20, 2022: Victor Lake trails groomed.

December 26, 2022: Victor Lake trails groomed/packed with snowmachine – pulling the groomer was causing the snowmachine to get stuck (heavy snow) so some trails just packed with snowmachine for now. Sawmill, Route 66, Trapline West, around McDowell Lake and the connector trail down to the Sobys packed. On the 28th we plan to do more grooming. NOTE: Little Onion trail hasn’t been packed with the machine yet, will do asap. Also, Baboon Blvd has a number of trees down on it near the bottom of the trail, will clear these asap but we’ll get the grooming done first.

December 28, 2022: Grooming done around McDowell Lake, Pink Floyd Alley packed, Ali Oop packed, part of Clear Cut loop groomed. More grooming tomorrow…

December 29, 2022: Connector trail down to Sobys and Little Onion trail groomed, Ali Oop also groomed. Will do some more tomorrow!

December 30, 2022: Victor Lake trails, Sawmill, Route 66 and Trapline West groomed.

December 31, 2022: Trees at the bottom of Baboon Blvd cleared. The rest of this trail still needs to be done.

January 6, 2023: Happy new year! We finished clearing Baboon Blvd and groomed the track around McDowell Lake. Likely will do a bit more grooming tomorrow morning. Most trails are in good shape and conditions are good. Pink Floyd Alley, the southwest part of clear cut loop and Beaver Swamp trail need to be groomed but there are packed trails in those places.

January 7, 2023: Victor Lake trails groomed (except for the CBC tower road and hidden lake connector). Northeast side of clear cut loop (Ali Oop), Pink Floyd Alley (except the part through the woods near Sawmill trail), the connector trail to Sobys and Little Onion trail groomed.

January 8, 2023: CBC tower road, hidden lake connector, Sawmill trail, Route 66, Trapline trail west, Pink Floyd Alley and perimeter of McDowell Lake groomed.

January 18, 2023: Single track groomed on Clear Cut Access, Connector trail down to Sobys, Little Onion, CBC Tower rd., Sawmill trail, Route 66, Trapline West and Pink Floyd Alley.

January 24, 2023: Victor Lake trails, Sawmill trail, Route 66 and Trapline West groomed, also access road from Hislop ploughed.

No trail fees are in place at this time but we are grateful for any contribution to support trail work. Any amount helps a lot! Thank you for your support.

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